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Dengan munculnya fitur zoom pada Instagram, sudah banyak merk-merk luar negeri yang mencoba menggunakan fitur ini untuk kontennya. Apakah sahabat mempunyai ide lain yang unik untuk menggunakan fitur ini?

#1 Reyka Vodka

to see how Iceland packs a lot in a small country. #instazoom

A photo posted by Reyka Vodka (@reyka_vodka) on

#2 The Cheesecake Factory

A cheesecake so nice, we put it here twice! Zoom in and find which cheesecake appears twice in our picture. Can you name it?

A photo posted by The Cheesecake Factory (@cheesecakefactory) on

#3 TBS’ Angie Tribeca

#4 General Electric

#5 Noosa yogurt

What do cows say when they play hide-and-seek? Hint: pinch and zoom to find out.

A photo posted by noosa yoghurt (@noosayoghurt) on

#6 Morning Star Farms

Zoom in to see how a something small can make a big impact. Like this small seed. #WayToVeg

A video posted by MorningStar Farms (@morningstarfarms) on

#7 Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

Are you #MargaReady? Our new flavor is just a pinch away. Zoom in and find out what it is.

A photo posted by Lime-A-Rita (@lime_a_rita) on

#8 KFC Australia

#9 Primark

New in stores this week – go on, get a closer lk! #Primark #Instagram #zoom

A photo posted by Primark (@primark) on

#10 British Airways

#11 TurboTax

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